Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong

Chloe Saunders wants to be the next great director and often views life as being filmed. Her mother died when she was younger and her father travels all the time, moving her from one apartment to the next, but other than that she is pretty normal. She has been able to attend the same school, an art school, to train to be a director and screenwriter, but all that normality changes when she starts to see ghosts. Suddenly she is labeled a schizophrenic and forced to live at Lyle House, a place for troubled teens. There she meets Liz who seems to throw pencils and other objects at people, Rae who loves fire and seems to control fire, Tori who just seems moody, Simon who seems normal, and Derek who is rude and a little too strong. Chloe tries to focus on being normal, but when she discovers she may truly see ghosts and that the others may have supernatural powers of their own, she puts her life and those of the other teens in danger. Something sinister is hidden at Lyle House and the truth could doom them all.

I loved this twist on the supernatural. I haven't read very many stories with necromancers or mediums, so this was a nice surprise. The story is suspenseful and the surprise cliffhanger ending has me really wanting to read The Awakening. The characters are flawed, but likeable and the story is very fast-paced. Obviously since I finished it in about a week's time, which is really surprising for my reading pace is usually terribly slow.

Favorite Character: Chloe. She seems very realistic and very innocent. She is not the perfect heroine, which I liked, but she is loyal to the other Lyle House teens. She is also not judgmental and she is very caring. Her reactions to her powers also seem real and she doesn't just automatically accept her abilities, but tries to look at the situation logically.

Favorite Quote: "You're a supernatural. You're always in danger." "Time to turn off my galloping imagination and focus. Direct the scene." I like when Chloe looks at things like being behind a camera. It is a unique perspective and fits her personality.

I was really surprised I enjoyed this story so much. The series has been recommended by several of the teens who come into the library and now I see why. I can't wait to add The Awakening to my reading list. 4.5 cups of cocoa!

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