Saturday, October 27, 2012

Reading Stack #23

I have finished The Selection and Mark of Athena. I have around 100 pages left of Iron King, but I hope to finish it before the weekend is over. It is a dark read so far, but pretty good. I have started Girl with the Clockwork Collar, but there is no way I will finish it before October ends. So far it is as attention grabbing as the first, but I have had little time to read since Monday. I started the Awakening, because I wanted to know what happens next, so I did go off list as usual. I still have For Darkness Shows the Stars in my stack too, but it has been neglected again. My goal is to try to finish these four books before starting anything else. We'll see if I can do this! Hope you are enjoying your reads for this week!


  1. Way to go. I read a book a week and I'm not sure why I can't do more. I guess, it the way I'm made. :-)

    1. I usually finish one a week too, but I read on three or four at a time. If I get tired of one, I can always pick up another. Although it can get confusing at times. :)