Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blood by K.J Wignall

William of Mercia, heir to the Earl of Mercia, died in 1256, however he didn't stay dead. Although preferring the term undead, Will is a vampire who needs blood to quench his hunger. Will spends long periods in hibernations, but when awake, he tries to feed as little as possible. When Will emerges in current time, it was his first time awake since 1989. He adapts quickly to his surroundings thanks to a mysterious chamber left him by an unknown benefactor. His first feeding is an unusual victim, Jex, a drug addict, who speaks even though he is hypnotized. Jex warns him that Lorcan Labraid, the evil of the world, wants him. Jex says Will must find the girl, because she needs him and he needs her. After killing Jex, Will takes a notebook with prophecies and a drawing of a pretty girl. Will quickly meets this girl, named Eloise, and he has feelings for her, that he has not felt in many centuries. Another prophecy warns Will that he may have to sacrifice Eloise. Will he sacrifice her or will she be worth more to him than the answers he craves? Who is Lorcan Labraid and what is Will's destiny?

The first in the Mercian series leaves many questions unanswered. The story is both a love story and a mystery. It is a quick read and you are left with the desire to know more. I wish the book was a little longer, because the story did feel a little rushed and a few more answers would have been helpful. However I do want to read the sequel, Alchemy.

Favorite Character: Eloise. Although at times I wanted to scream at her that she should not be so trustworthy of Will, I did find her an interesting character. She was someone who appeared strong and fearless. I wish her character was explored a little more and hopefully it will be in the second book.

Favorite Quote: "Death is the backdrop against which I act out my life." I thought this was an accurate description of what it would really be like to be a vampire, not as glamorous as some books make it to be.

I liked the way Will reacts to being undead. He doesn't make excuses and at times seems cold heart, which would fit being "alive" for hundreds of years and just watching people you care about die and knowing each time you sleep lives are going on and ending. I wish there had been more details in the story and more answers, but overall it was an interesting and quick read. 3.5 cups of cocoa.

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