Sunday, September 16, 2012

Enchanted by Alethea Kontis

I picked up this book based on its cover, which I am including with a link to Goodreads. Hopefully this is ok to do, because I could not find anything about the legality of this.

However it took me just a page or two to get into the story. Sunday is the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, so she knows she will have an interesting life and because of her name she is expected to have a happy life. Each of the sisters is gifted in some way, because of their fae blood. Sunday is cursed by the fact that anything she writes will come true, so she limits herself to writing down what has already happened, believing her life is not interesting. One day as she is writing in her journal, a frog comes along and speaks to her. She shares her story with him and eventually falls in love with him. After her fae brother Twix, sells their cow for a handful of beans, Grumble the frog gives her a gold ball to make up for the cow's loss. Sunday kisses Grumble and leaves, not realizing he turns into Rumbold, the prince her family hates and blames for her brother's death. Complications ensue as the two fall in love again as humans and as her family realizes they have an important destiny to play.

Favorite Character: I loved each of the sisters and their unique powers. Friday is kind and a wonderful seamstress, Monday is a princess trapped in her marriage, but still strong, Thursday is a pirate queen, Saturday is strong and fearless, Wednesday knows the future and hides herself because of her power, and Sunday is Sunday. She has powers, but still doubts herself. She loves her family and Rumbold and is willing to forsake her own happiness for other. However she does know she will have a happy ending, because of her curse, yet she seems to fear it.

Favorite Quote: "It can't be "true" love without the truth, Rumbold." "Child, no one is ever ready for anything. I would never doom you to that. What sort of adventureless life would that be?"

I enjoyed her twists on all of the fairy tales. Even though she includes almost every common fairy tale, it does not become confusing or over the top. I love twists on fairy tales and this is one of the best. The characters are wonderful and well-developed. I hope she does a sequel or sequels with the other sisters, because they were very interesting. Definitely a five bars of chocolate book!

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