Sunday, August 12, 2012

Reading Stack #19

I finished my Summer Reading Wrap-up books and one of those was also my Dusty Bookshelf Challenge book. I also read Holding on to Zoe and I will review this soon. I am trying to figure out my thoughts on this book, because I am not for sure what I thought about it. I like to take a few days to think about the difficult to review books to try to decide if what I thought was bad is really bad, or if I didn't get it at first. This one is difficult, because the main character had so many problems and at times I felt like there were too many to try to tie up at the end. For now though, I am going to keep reading Tiger Lily, Princess Academy: Palace of Stone, and Persuasion, which I have neglected. I have so many others I would love to add, like some series books and new e-galleys, but I am just lucky to have finished what I had started. I will be choosing another book for the Dusty Bookshelf Challenge very soon, so I will add that on when I have decided.

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