Friday, August 10, 2012

Endlessly by Kiersten White

Since I finished Endlessly before Beautiful Creatures, I will start my reviews for Summer Reading Wrap-Up with that one.
Endlessly is the last book in the Paranomalcy series, so this review could have a few spoilers for the other two books.

Evie barely survived Jack's attempt to leave her on the Faerie Path, but she did find her way back to Lend. She wants nothing to ever separate them again, but that decision may be taken out of her hands. Evie wants so badly to live a normal life and help plan the Winter Formal. She is a little bummed that they will not go with pink as the color for the dance, but she can deal with that. Unfortunately that is not the worse news in her world. IPCA is under new command, Anne-Laurie LeFevre or Anne Whatever Whatever, as Evie calls her, is now in charge and she wants to use Evie to destroy other paranormals. Raquel disappears and Evie cannot get in touch with her. The elementals, including Cresseda, Lend's mom, finally reappear, wanting a favor from Evie. They along with the Seelie Court fae, including Reth, Evie's ex, want her to open another gate. Opening the last gate almost killed her, so Evie really does not want to do this. While trying to make a decision, Lend is kidnapped by the Unseelie Court and their evil queen, and unfortunately, Evie is kidnapped by IPCA and freed by Jack and Reth. Evie will do anything to free Lend, including work with Jack and Reth. When unforeseen circumstances occur, Evie will have to make some difficult choices in order to save her love, herself, and possibly paranormals everywhere. This is a great and action-packed ending to the series.

I love the humor in White's work and her insight into what makes paranormals/people really human. She touches on deep ideas without preaching which is difficult to do and she makes the story hilarious and fun at the same time.

Favorite Character: I love Evie! She reminds me of myself as a teen, sarcastic, but kind and not fully comfortable in her own skin. She is very loving and at times obsessed, which is her biggest flaw.

Favorite Quote: I could quote off almost every page. I love the sarcasm and White's insights both. Here is one of my favs. "Great, glorious unicorn, beloved of oblivious girls everywhere, please heal me." To fully understand this, you have to read what unicorns really look like, according to Evie. :)

I thought the ending was just right for the series, not completely happy, but just enough. I also liked that the main characters did not all have to die at the end, which lately seems to be too much of a trend in fantasy books. I won't say any more, because I don't want to have too many spoilers. This was definitely a 5 bar of chocolate book for me. I will miss Evie and her world, but I am looking forward to Mind Games. It is supposed to be edgier than this series, but hopefully it will have some of the same humor as Evie's story.


  1. Well, it sounds like the series is worth reading. Good to know. :-)

    1. I really enjoy Kiersten's sarcastic humor. Evie is a little dramatic at times, but it reminds me of being a teen again, but in a good way. :)