Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Demigod Diaries by Rick and Haley Riordan

Demigod Diaries: The Heroes of Olympus is four short stories with a few puzzles and pictures in the middle.  The first story is the Diary of Luke Castellan and chronologically takes place before the Lightning Thief. This is a story from Thalia and Luke's time before finding Camp Half-blood. Thalia and Luke follow a sheep's advice and end up trapped in a house with a cursed adult demi-god.

In Percy Jackson and the Staff of Hermes, the story occurs following the Last Olympian. In this story Hermes's caduceus has been stolen and he asks for Percy's help. Percy and Annabeth agree to help and Percy needs to find a way to celebrate their one month first kiss anniversary while trying to recover the staff.

In Leo Valdez and the Quest for Buford, Leo's desk has walked away, taking with it a part he needs for the Argo II. If Leo, Jason, and Piper cannot find the piece in an hour, Half-Blood Woods will explode. Throw in the dryads crazy cousins and Leo will be lucky to make it out alive. This story takes place after the Lost Hero.

The first three stories were written by Rick Riordan and the last story, Son of Magic is by his 16 year old son Haley. Son of Magic is the story of Alabaster, son of Hecate, a demigod who sided with Kronos. Alabaster is hunted by Lamia, a daughter of Hecate and a monster who wants only to kill him. Alabaster befriends Dr. Claymore, a man who scoffs at religion and myths and studies the afterlife. Alabaster needs Dr. Claymore to help him find a way to keep Lamia in the Underworld, because for some reason (see Lost Hero/Son of Neptune for answer) she cannot be killed.

All the stories were just as good as the other books in Riordan's series, but Haley's surprised me the most. I loved his take on how the Mist was created and why monsters can find demigods. His writing was excellent and maybe even more mature and definitely a little darker than his dad's. I like that he did not shy away from the religious questions myths often create and even though he did not show his own beliefs, he did not attack others. If he is writing this well at 16, I can't wait to see what he writes as an adult.

Favorite Character: I could pick a character from each story, but I will just pick two. I have always liked Annabeth and her loyalty to Percy. She is all the good traits of Athena, with a few of the flaws, but she always is drawn to Percy and the two complement each other well. I also liked Alabaster, even though he chose the wrong side. He believes strongly in his causes and seems to want what is best for demigods and he wants to make his mother proud. I hope he shows up in other books.

Favorite Quote: "That is not the Bacchanalian Jingle! That is the theme song for Psych!"

I loved this short story collection, but then I haven't read a Rick Riordan book I didn't like yet. 5 bars of chocolate for sure!

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