Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross- July Random Read

I finished my July Random Reads hosted by Sarah at! This month's book was The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross.

Finley knows that she is different. Most girls cannot fight grown men and win. She feels like she is two people in the same body. When she is threatened or afraid her darker side takes over, which is what happens with Lord Felix tries to attack her. She flees from his employment with him bloody on the floor and literally runs into Griffin King on his velocycle, a duke who also has special powers, which include manipulating emotions and talking to the dead. Griffin recognizes Finley as a kindred spirit and takes her to his house to recover. There Finley meets more people like including Emily who can talk to machines, Jasper who is extremely quick, and Sam who is very strong and part machine himself. It is not long before Griffin realizes Finley is connected to his group by the very things that made him and his friends special, an experiment Griffin's parents conducted before their murders. A special organism called organites or wee beasties as Emily calls them were discovered by Griffin's parents in the center of the Earth. Finley's father was part of Griffin's group along with another man who calls himself, The Machinist. The Machinist is causing machines to attack humans including Sam which lead to him becoming part machine. Griffin and his friends must stop the Machinist before it is too late, the fate of the British monarchy rests in their hands.

Along with the action in this story is two love triangles; one between Emily, Sam, and Jasper, and one between Finley, Griffin, and another character named Jack Dandy. Jack is a criminal boss with possibly a good heart. The romances are actually not cliched and are believable.

I loved the action in this series and I loved that Finley can physically defend herself. She is an extremely strong heroine, but she still has emotions. The fight scenes were great and the romance is very sweet and does not overpower the rest of the story. I loved the Victorian England setting and I really enjoy steampunk stories.

Favorite Character: I loved them all, but Finley is my favorite. She is strong and compassionate. She thinks of others, but also will defend herself when the occasion arises.

Favorite Quote: "Committing my magnificence to mem'ry, are you ducks?" "I'll play the game, Finley Jayne, because I think you are worth it, but I won't be trifled with. Do you understand? Someday you're going to have to choose." Both quotes are by Jack, who was an interesting secondary character.

I loved this book and it was a complete surprise. I put it on my list because of the pretty cover, but the story was great. I liked the action and romance and I have already checked out the second in the series. 5 bars of chocolate for sure!

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