Friday, July 20, 2012

Reading Challenges

I have decided to try two more challenges for the year. The first is the Dusty Book Shelf challenge hosted by To see the full rules, click on the picture. There are several books I would like to read that are just setting on my shelf or the library's shelf. I have decided that Pixie Dust is the level for me, since it is already the middle of July. I am hoping to read at least three books for this challenge.
The first up is Beautiful Creatures, which I have wanted to read since 2010. I have already started it and I like seeing the story from Ethan's point of view. I finished this 8-09 and reviewed it 8/12.
I will make my second selection really soon!

The second challenge is the Classic Double Challenge 2012 hosted by For this challenge, you try to read a classic book and then read a modern twist on that classic. I am just going for the Small Challenge on this one as well. I have not picked books yet, but I am leaning toward Persuasion or Jane Eyre for the classic book. I hope to make a decision soon.

I am still reading Body and Soul and Girl in the Steel Corset and am past the halfway point in both of them.


  1. Thanks for joining up on my challenge! Hope you have fun and let us know when you decide what to pick for your books :)

    1. Thanks! I am reading Persuasion now. I am pairing Persuasion with For Darkness Shows the Stars.