Monday, July 2, 2012

Rapture by Lauren Kate

Rapture is another goodbye book as it is the last in the Fallen series. I read the e-galley and listened to the audio. Justine Eyre is an amazing narrator and I really think she captures Luce's personality perfectly.  Rapture picks up where Passion left off, with the fallen angels trying to prevent Lucifer from starting the Fall all over again. Luce, Daniel, Cam, Roland, Arianne, Gabbe, Molly, and Annabelle set off to find three relics from the time the angels fell to the earth. The three relics will help them pinpoint the spot of the Fall and stop Lucifer. Along the way Luce must discover her true role and will learn the true cost of love. She learns that Daniel may not be her first love and that she is actually more than she appears. Will true love prevail or will the sacrifice be too much? Kate definitely makes you root for Daniel and Luce.

This book both surprised me and didn't surprise me. I had guessed part of the secret, but was surprised about Luce's love history. I thought it was a fitting ending to the series. Lauren Kate weaves a sweet love story into the Fall and embellishes on a little discussed religious event. Part of the religion talk bothered me, because of the whole it is a good thing Luce is not baptised and the human sacrifice that occurs in the story. Kate's depiction of the Throne was interesting and I liked that she focused on the theme of mercy, as that is a big part of love that is often overlooked. I waited a few days on writing this review to focus on what I really thought about the book. I enjoyed the storytelling and was only squeamish about the two things I mentioned earlier. I don't really think it is making fun of religion or anti-religion as much as it really isn't meant to be taken as being about religion. Looking at it as a story that uses part of religious heritage in the same way others use Greek myths, I think it is good. I think that is the way Kate meant it to be taken and that is the way I will look at it. Her use of mercy as an attribute of the Throne lines up with Christian and Jewish religions. I can't wait to read more of Lauren Kate's writing, because I love her descriptions and flawed characters.

Favorite Character: I wish Shelby and Miles were mentioned more in the book, as they were my favorites from the previous three books. I think Arriane and Roland are the most interesting and I love their type of love as a platonic one where each one leans on the other. Kate seems to leave some room for hope with Roland and Cam at the end of the story.

Favorite Quote: "Are you prepared to pay the ultimate sacrifice for your love?"

This is a hard one to rate. It is not quite a 5 bars of chocolate book, but a 4 seems to low. I will give this 4.5 bars of chocolate. It was a good, sweet ending to the series.

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