Sunday, July 22, 2012

Goddess Legacy by Aimee Carter

I received Goddess Legacy as an e-galley on Netgalley. I loved the other books by Aimee Carter and was very excited to be approved for Goddess Legacy. I think with each book, Aimee's storytelling gets better and better. I love her twist on the Greek myths and she definitely provides her own spin on the Olympians. I enjoy how she can make you feel both sorry for the characters and angry at them at the same time. She brings the Greek myths to life while giving a unique spin to each one, making them more fun and more romantic than the originals.
Goddess Legacy is a collection of short stories told from the point of view of a god or goddess. The first story in the collection is from Hera/Calliope's point of view. If you have read any of the Goddess Test series, you know that Calliope is the villain of the series. The Goddess Queen, Hera's story, shows why Calliope is angry with the others and it makes you sympathetic to her. It shows the traditional Zeus/Hera story, but twisted with the love Hera has for Hades. However any sympathy for Hera is crushed in the last story God of Darkness about Hades and his search for a new bride. Lovestruck Goddess shows how Ava/Aphrodite came to love her husband Nicholas/Hephaestus. Goddess of the Underworld gives Persephone's side of the Hades/Persephone story and shows how she came to love Adonis. God of Thieves is from Hermes/James point of view and how he fell in the love with a mortal, but it was not to be. I loved this unique story and it was probably my favorite of the book. I thought it was creative to throw in a type of Robin Hood story with a twist and it shows the bad side of Hades along with the good side of James, which is not shown as much in the Goddess Test series.
This was a very creative book and a good way to give background on the other characters of the story. It helps keep away some of the wait for the last book in the Goddess Test series, but I am already ready for the Goddess Inheritance!
Favorite Quote: I love the first line actually. "In all the years I'd existed, I'd never expected to be free." I think that sums up Hera perfectly and haven't we all felt that way at some point.
Favorite Character: In this one, I loved James. The God of Thieves was a sweet story and showed his loyalty to both family and friends as well as the guilt he does feel for what happened between Persephone and Hades. James is a complicated character and I enjoyed seeing Aimee show this other side of him.
This is easily a 5 bar of chocolate book! It is definitely a contender for my favorite book of the year. I think Aimee Carter is extremely talented and I will be looking for more books by her, even after this series is finished.

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