Thursday, July 26, 2012

Body & Soul by Stacey Kade

This is the final book in the Ghost and the Goth trilogy. If you have not read either of the other two books, this will have spoilers for those.

Alona Dare is now trapped in the body of Lily Turner. She and Will are desperate to get her out of Lily and back in her role as Will's spirit guide. Alona decides to embrace her role as Lily by reinventing the two of them as Ally Turner. Alona wants to do what is best for Lily's family, so she tries really hard to be who they want, but after a while she just can't do it. While searching for a way to separate Alona and Lily, Will and Ally stumble upon a yellow pages paper that Will's dad held on to. On the paper is the address for Malachi the Magnificent. At Malachi's, the two run into Alona's best friend, Misty, who claims Alona is haunting her. The two find out it is actually Malachi's-real name Edmund's-sister Erin. Erin is the only ghost Edmund can see and the only thing Erin wants is to live again. Erin overpowers Alona and takes over Lily, leaving Alona barely clinging to her ghostly form. Will and Alona decide to try to save Lily from Erin, but it could be too late for Alona to survive.

I loved watching Will and Alona deal with their complicated feelings for each other. Alona really examines her life in this third book and comes to terms with her past. She learns the value of forgiveness and honesty and Will learns to finally stand up for himself. The two realize they could go on without each other, but that they do make each other's lives better.

Favorite Character: Alona/Ally. I enjoyed see her grow-up and actually getting to enjoy her second life. You can see why she was so mean and how she is working to change her personality.

Favorite Quote:"Severed Arm Dude and Spring Break Girl had joined the faux-Lincoln ghost, and they were now talking among themselves and gesturing in our direction." "Someone is pretending to be me, the spirit of me, to scare my best friend. How is that not a concern?" I enjoy her descriptions and Alona/Ally and Will's sarcasm.

I enjoyed this series and thought the ending was nicely done. I could see her starting a new series off of it, but I don't think that will happen. I give this 4 bars of chocolate and I will miss Will and Alona/Ally!

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