Sunday, June 3, 2012

Until I Die by Amy Plum

Until I Die is the sequel to Die for Me. In Die for Me, Kate falls for the revenant Vincent and learns that he is undead and his job is to protect humans from dying before their times. To do this he sometimes dies and lies dormant for three days. Each month he must be dormant for a period of three days. For Kate, who just lost her parents, Vincent dying is unacceptable, so Vincent promises to fight his compulsion to want to give his life for others. Until I Die begins with Charles, who tried to get the numa, the evil revenants, to kill him, and his sister Charlotte leaving to go to the south of France for awhile. Two new revenants arrive at La Maison, Arthur and Violette, ancient revenants who seem distance at first. Shortly after their arrival, Geneive's human husband Phillipe dies and Kate realizes what Vincent will one day face if they stay together. She and Vincent unbeknownst to each other are trying to find a way to help Vincent fight his compulsion. Kate befriends Violette, while her sister Georgia does not like Violette at all. Arthur makes Kate feel unwelcome at a revenant meeting, but also saves the life of her sister. Vincent starts a plan to fight his compulsion, but he looks terrible. Kate finds a book called Immortal Love, which gives her the idea to find a healer who may be able to help the two. The healer also has the ability to see the Champion, the revenant who will overthrow the numa, which makes her valuable to the numa as well. Secrets are being leaked and Kate is in grave danger, but who could be the leak? To find out read Until I Die.

I enjoyed Until I Die, more than I did the first book. I think Amy Plum does a great job showing what the consequences of dating someone who is basically immortal would really be like. The romance is still there in the book, but it is more cautious. Both characters make big mistakes which leads to the cliffhanger end, which could be the end for one of them.

Favorite Character: I like Kate's sister Georgia, who is fiercely loyal to Kate, but very independent. Georgia helps Kate in any way that she can and is fun and flirty.

Favorite Quote: "An international meeting of revenants? Like the undead United Nations?"

I love Plum's descriptions of Paris and even the South of France. I think this book had more depth than the first one and she is starting to flesh out the secondary characters more. I give this 4.5 bars of chocolate and I eagerly await the final book in the trilogy!

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