Sunday, June 24, 2012

Timepiece by Myra McEntire

I finally finished another book this month! Summer Reading programs are great, but they really take away from my reading time.

I received Timepiece as an e-galley from Net-galley, but this is an impartial review. When I first saw that is was going to be from another character's point of view other than Emerson, I was disappointed. When I saw it was from Kaleb's point of view, I was really unsure about it, but boy did Myra McEntire make me happy in the end. Kaleb in the first book seems a bit self-centered, but you do pity him for losing both parents. However the same thing happened to Em and she seemed strong and selfless. It is only from Kaleb's point of view that we really see he is one of the most selfless characters in the series. Kaleb has to deal with everyone's emotions, which drives him to drinking, until he gets involved with Lily. Lily was one of my favorite characters in the series and seeing her from Kaleb's eyes made me like her even more. Lily finds things and what the Hourglass needs her to find is Jack Landers. Chronos, another time-related organization, wants Jack and after killing Em and then reversing time, they show Kaleb they can take everything he loves, if Jack doesn't take them first. Kaleb, Lily, Em, and Michael must track down Jack, not kill him, and bring him to Teague, a former colleage of Liam, Kaleb's father. Teague is the head of Chronos. Coupled with the ultimatum is the fact that time rips are appearing more and more and everyone with the time gene can see them. Kaleb must try to keep his friends safe, restore his mom to her normal self, and find Jack, all while trying not to self-destruct. With his friends' support and Lily's help, he just might succeed. The prize though may be bigger than the Hourglass thought, with the revelation of the Infinityglass, which is cleverly the focus of the next book. A slightly cliffhanger ending has us all anxiously awaiting the third book!

I loved this just as much as Hourglass! McEntire is extremely talented, especially with getting into the minds of her characters. Very few people could pull off presenting a series from more than one POV and really capture their characters well. I can't decide which book I like best, which will make my Best of 2012 difficult!

Favorite Character: Again it is Lily. She is loyal, headstrong, and strong. She refuses to break in situations where most people would just sit and sob. Seeing her from Kaleb's point of view just made her more likeable.

Favorite Quote: "'Meow.' Best come-on line ever. 'If you ask to rub my belly or make any of the obvious body-part jokes, I'll steal your sword and you'll leave here needing a peg leg. Or worse. Got it, sailor?'" If only all first meetings were as sweet. ;)

Obviously this is a five bar of chocolate rating! Loved it as much as the first! Definitely one of my Best of 2012.

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