Saturday, June 9, 2012

Serpent's Shadow and Enchantress

Summer Reading programs have taken all of my energy lately, so I have not posted reviews or really read all that much. I think for both Serpent's Shadow and The Enchantress, I will not post formal reviews, but instead focus on what I liked about them. They were both goodbye books, which seems to be my theme lately.

I did not realize Serpent's Shadow was the last in the Kane Chronicles, until I read the last chapter. I enjoyed the two person perspective, I know that some people did not, but I loved hearing Sadie's voice and then Carter's. I particularly liked the audios of this series. Riordan's takes on Egyptian mythology were very interesting and I think Egypt is not focused on enough in the classroom. I love his brand of humor and Sadie and Carter's very unique perspectives. I think Sadie is probably my favorite character for her spunk, but also her loyalty. I think the ending was just right for the series. I will be interested to see if Sadie and Carter cross paths with the Olympians in a big way, which seems to be hinted at in this book. I would definitely give it 5 bars of chocolate.

The Enchantress, I knew was the last book in the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series. I hated saying goodbye to this series, but like Vampire Kisses, I felt like it was time. This one was just as good as all the rest in the series. I was really surprised at the end, but then realized I should not have been surprised, because there were hints everywhere. This is another book focused on myths, but Michael Scott particularly focuses on Celtic mythology, another overlooked area in the world of myths. I did actually shed tears reading this book, when a few characters gave their all for humanity. I would have enjoyed a little more information at the end, but still it was a good book. I really enjoyed Josh's character in this book, whereas before it was Sophie who I was always interested in more than her brother. He shows more growth at the end and it really became more his story than hers, which I kind of expected. Again this is another series in which the audio is awesome. Paul Boehmer really brings the characters to life, as cheesy as that sounds. His tone and vocal choices give the characters even more depth and emotion. The story may revolve around the twins of legend, but the secondary characters have just as much depth as the others. The final reveal of what one to save the world, one to destroy it, was perfect. Definitely another 5 bars of chocolate book.

Both of these goodbye books were very hard on me as I was very attached to the characters, but they will be reread over and over again, I am sure. I have The Mark of Athena to look forward to from Riordan and I just downloaded Scott's book on Celtic wisdom. I will have to add Thirteen Hallows to my to be read list, even though it is an adult novel. Hopefully Scott will write more YA!

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