Sunday, June 24, 2012

Reading Stack #15

I finished Timepiece and only have one more character point of view left in Goddess Legacy. However I will have to wait a bit before I post the Goddess Legacy review. It is really good. Aimee Carter just keeps getting better and better. I loved the insight into the character's minds. You definitely won't look at Calliope and Persephone in the same way. I hope to finish Goddess Legacy tonight or in the next day or so. I received Underworld as an audio to review, so I won't review it on here. I am working my way through Rapture in e-galley and audio, so that is definitely on my list this week. I hope to get more into City of Lost Souls, for some reason I just don't want to finish it and then have to wait awhile for the next one. I am going to add Body and Soul by Kade to my list. I also picked up Starters at the library and will slowly be reading this. That will be all on my stack for now, but I may add a different title or two before reviewing again.

Timepiece by Myra McEntire

I finally finished another book this month! Summer Reading programs are great, but they really take away from my reading time.

I received Timepiece as an e-galley from Net-galley, but this is an impartial review. When I first saw that is was going to be from another character's point of view other than Emerson, I was disappointed. When I saw it was from Kaleb's point of view, I was really unsure about it, but boy did Myra McEntire make me happy in the end. Kaleb in the first book seems a bit self-centered, but you do pity him for losing both parents. However the same thing happened to Em and she seemed strong and selfless. It is only from Kaleb's point of view that we really see he is one of the most selfless characters in the series. Kaleb has to deal with everyone's emotions, which drives him to drinking, until he gets involved with Lily. Lily was one of my favorite characters in the series and seeing her from Kaleb's eyes made me like her even more. Lily finds things and what the Hourglass needs her to find is Jack Landers. Chronos, another time-related organization, wants Jack and after killing Em and then reversing time, they show Kaleb they can take everything he loves, if Jack doesn't take them first. Kaleb, Lily, Em, and Michael must track down Jack, not kill him, and bring him to Teague, a former colleage of Liam, Kaleb's father. Teague is the head of Chronos. Coupled with the ultimatum is the fact that time rips are appearing more and more and everyone with the time gene can see them. Kaleb must try to keep his friends safe, restore his mom to her normal self, and find Jack, all while trying not to self-destruct. With his friends' support and Lily's help, he just might succeed. The prize though may be bigger than the Hourglass thought, with the revelation of the Infinityglass, which is cleverly the focus of the next book. A slightly cliffhanger ending has us all anxiously awaiting the third book!

I loved this just as much as Hourglass! McEntire is extremely talented, especially with getting into the minds of her characters. Very few people could pull off presenting a series from more than one POV and really capture their characters well. I can't decide which book I like best, which will make my Best of 2012 difficult!

Favorite Character: Again it is Lily. She is loyal, headstrong, and strong. She refuses to break in situations where most people would just sit and sob. Seeing her from Kaleb's point of view just made her more likeable.

Favorite Quote: "'Meow.' Best come-on line ever. 'If you ask to rub my belly or make any of the obvious body-part jokes, I'll steal your sword and you'll leave here needing a peg leg. Or worse. Got it, sailor?'" If only all first meetings were as sweet. ;)

Obviously this is a five bar of chocolate rating! Loved it as much as the first! Definitely one of my Best of 2012.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Best of 2012, part 2

With Summer Reading still going on, I haven't been able to finish a single book since The Enchantress! How ironic, I can't do my summer reading, because of Summer Reading. ;) So I thought I would look at a few more of my five bar books for my Best of 2012. Fallen in Love gained five bars, because I loved the look into the lives of some of the secondary characters of the Fallen series. I am halfway through Rapture, which is on its way to a five bar review as well. Fallen in Love showed the spark of love form for Shelby and Miles, so yay that he is over Luce! I enjoyed seeing more into Roland's character, since he seems to be one of the most caring, but is part of the dark side. It was also heartbreaking to see how Arianne got her scars. The end story between Luce and Daniel shows one of the bright spots of their timeless love.

Leviathan is next in the list, but of course all three books in the series garnered the five bar mark. One of the best series I have read in a long time! I loved watching Deryn and Alek interact and I love Westerfeld's twists on WWI and steampunk. Alan Cummings did an amazing job narrating this series and all three are among the best audios I have heard. You grow to really care about these characters and you even want the two main characters to become romantically involved. What could be better than a forbidden romance! These two series prove that!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Serpent's Shadow and Enchantress

Summer Reading programs have taken all of my energy lately, so I have not posted reviews or really read all that much. I think for both Serpent's Shadow and The Enchantress, I will not post formal reviews, but instead focus on what I liked about them. They were both goodbye books, which seems to be my theme lately.

I did not realize Serpent's Shadow was the last in the Kane Chronicles, until I read the last chapter. I enjoyed the two person perspective, I know that some people did not, but I loved hearing Sadie's voice and then Carter's. I particularly liked the audios of this series. Riordan's takes on Egyptian mythology were very interesting and I think Egypt is not focused on enough in the classroom. I love his brand of humor and Sadie and Carter's very unique perspectives. I think Sadie is probably my favorite character for her spunk, but also her loyalty. I think the ending was just right for the series. I will be interested to see if Sadie and Carter cross paths with the Olympians in a big way, which seems to be hinted at in this book. I would definitely give it 5 bars of chocolate.

The Enchantress, I knew was the last book in the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series. I hated saying goodbye to this series, but like Vampire Kisses, I felt like it was time. This one was just as good as all the rest in the series. I was really surprised at the end, but then realized I should not have been surprised, because there were hints everywhere. This is another book focused on myths, but Michael Scott particularly focuses on Celtic mythology, another overlooked area in the world of myths. I did actually shed tears reading this book, when a few characters gave their all for humanity. I would have enjoyed a little more information at the end, but still it was a good book. I really enjoyed Josh's character in this book, whereas before it was Sophie who I was always interested in more than her brother. He shows more growth at the end and it really became more his story than hers, which I kind of expected. Again this is another series in which the audio is awesome. Paul Boehmer really brings the characters to life, as cheesy as that sounds. His tone and vocal choices give the characters even more depth and emotion. The story may revolve around the twins of legend, but the secondary characters have just as much depth as the others. The final reveal of what one to save the world, one to destroy it, was perfect. Definitely another 5 bars of chocolate book.

Both of these goodbye books were very hard on me as I was very attached to the characters, but they will be reread over and over again, I am sure. I have The Mark of Athena to look forward to from Riordan and I just downloaded Scott's book on Celtic wisdom. I will have to add Thirteen Hallows to my to be read list, even though it is an adult novel. Hopefully Scott will write more YA!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Until I Die by Amy Plum

Until I Die is the sequel to Die for Me. In Die for Me, Kate falls for the revenant Vincent and learns that he is undead and his job is to protect humans from dying before their times. To do this he sometimes dies and lies dormant for three days. Each month he must be dormant for a period of three days. For Kate, who just lost her parents, Vincent dying is unacceptable, so Vincent promises to fight his compulsion to want to give his life for others. Until I Die begins with Charles, who tried to get the numa, the evil revenants, to kill him, and his sister Charlotte leaving to go to the south of France for awhile. Two new revenants arrive at La Maison, Arthur and Violette, ancient revenants who seem distance at first. Shortly after their arrival, Geneive's human husband Phillipe dies and Kate realizes what Vincent will one day face if they stay together. She and Vincent unbeknownst to each other are trying to find a way to help Vincent fight his compulsion. Kate befriends Violette, while her sister Georgia does not like Violette at all. Arthur makes Kate feel unwelcome at a revenant meeting, but also saves the life of her sister. Vincent starts a plan to fight his compulsion, but he looks terrible. Kate finds a book called Immortal Love, which gives her the idea to find a healer who may be able to help the two. The healer also has the ability to see the Champion, the revenant who will overthrow the numa, which makes her valuable to the numa as well. Secrets are being leaked and Kate is in grave danger, but who could be the leak? To find out read Until I Die.

I enjoyed Until I Die, more than I did the first book. I think Amy Plum does a great job showing what the consequences of dating someone who is basically immortal would really be like. The romance is still there in the book, but it is more cautious. Both characters make big mistakes which leads to the cliffhanger end, which could be the end for one of them.

Favorite Character: I like Kate's sister Georgia, who is fiercely loyal to Kate, but very independent. Georgia helps Kate in any way that she can and is fun and flirty.

Favorite Quote: "An international meeting of revenants? Like the undead United Nations?"

I love Plum's descriptions of Paris and even the South of France. I think this book had more depth than the first one and she is starting to flesh out the secondary characters more. I give this 4.5 bars of chocolate and I eagerly await the final book in the trilogy!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Reading Stack #14

I finished Serpent's Shadow, Enchantress, and Until I Die, and reviews will be coming soon. I enjoyed all three. The first two are goodbye books, I realized that about Enchantress, but was surprised that Serpent's Shadow was the last of the Kane Chronicles. Something tells me we will be seeing the characters again. Until I Die ended on a cliffhanger, so now I have to wait a whole year for the conclusion and to find out what happens to Kate and Vincent. With those three books finished, I have to pick a few new titles for my stack. I have nothing started at the moment, so I can be free with my choices. I am going to try Underworld by Meg Cabot, the sequel to Abandon. I have a few e-galleys I need to start, so I think I will go with Timepiece, Rapture, and Goddess Legacy. I will probably be starting City of Lost Souls in audio along with the audio I need to review. I still have to read Insurgent, so it may make it on the list as well. With all these sequels I need to find a stand alone book and I did check out another Alice Hoffman book from the library, so I may read it as a palate cleanser. Too many books and very little time!