Sunday, April 29, 2012

Street Magic by Tamora Pierce

In Street Magic, Briar and Rosethorn are in Chammur, a desert area with beautiful rock formations. Rosethorn is trying to help the area farmers and Briar is working to sell minature trees. While at the market, Briar sees a young girl polishing stones and putting magic into them. When he confronts the girl, she flees, because she does not realize she has magic. Briar is friendly with one of the local gangs, the Camelguts, who help him when he is tailed by a Viper. The Vipers are a new gang given weapons by rich Lady Zenadia, who is using them to deal with boredom. Lady Zenadia decides she wants Evvy, the girl with the stone magic, and uses her gang to try to capture her. Briar learns that he is responsible for Evvy, because he is the first to notice her magic. When the only stone mage decides not to train Evvy, Briar takes over and becomes close to the girl. When Evvy is kidnapped, Briar stops at nothing to free her.

I was glad to see another tale about Briar, because I enjoyed his story the most from the Circle Quartet. Briar is funny and extremely loyal to his mates as he calls them. I love Pierce's series and this one is as good if not better than the first.

Favorite Character: I like Briar, Rosethorn, and Evvy all equally and it is hard to choose a favorite. Evvy was the perfect match for Briar in her humor and background. All three are rough around the edges, but the loyalty and love they have for others is wonderful. I know Evvy is a part of Melting Stones, so I will be glad to read more about her.

Favorite Quote: "'You're more trouble than your worth,' he informed Evvy tartly. She shrugged. 'I'm a girl. That's my job.'
I love this series! It is full of action and shows how the four mages are maturing as they grow older. I will have to add the next one as soon as I can find the time. 5 bars of chocolate!

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