Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gift by Andrea Buchanan

I received Gift as an e-galley.

Daisy is able to fry all electrical devices near her. Ever since she was young, she had to control her "gift." She does deep breathing exercises and yoga to keep from ruining everyone's computers and other devices. Extremely inconvenient as her gift is, it becomes the least of her troubles. Daisy finds Vivi, a girl from her English class, in the girl's bathroom. Vivi has taken some pills to try to be with Patrick, a ghost who claims to be her soulmate. Daisy saves Vivi and Vivi claims that Patrick is connected to Daisy in some way. Daisy and her friend Danielle decide to help Vivi and both of them are plagued with dreams of a past tragedy over a hundred years old, in which they seem to be the main characters. As Daisy tries to puzzle out the meaning of the dreams and Patrick, she becomes involved with Kevin, a cute senior, who tries to help. Kevin also has a hidden secret and past. As Patrick seems to become more real and Daisy starts to fall for Kevin, she must decide who the real villian is. Could the past be repeating itself and is Daisy's gift the key?

Part ghost story and part supernatural power, Buchanan creates a wonderfully suspenseful story with a twist ending. I really enjoyed the book and I loved the end where each of the four other main characters reveals a bit about themselves and provides their own insights into the ghost story.

Favorite Character: I really liked Danielle. She was spunky and realistic. She pays for her flaws, but she is extremely loyal in the end.

"Everyone wants me to hold back all the time. Nobody wants me to be who I really am."
I liked the twist on the ghost story and the idea of a heroine with extreme powers. I give this 4.5 bars of chocolate. I think it is really unique and enjoyed the characters.

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