Sunday, April 8, 2012

Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld

Behemoth picks up where Leviathan left off. Alek is beginning to feel as if he truly belongs on the Leviathan and Deryn is starting to fall for Alek. Count Volger learns that Deryn and Dr. Barlow know the truth about Alek's identity and begins making escape plans for when the Leviathan gets to Istanbul. Upon arrival, Alek and his men try to escape with mixed results. Alek and two of the men escape, but Count Volger and Hoffman are recaptured. Alek also has bonded with one of the hatched eggs and the beastie escapes with him. After Dr. Barlow's failure to keep the Sultan on the British side, Deryn is given a dangerous mission in which her men are either captured or killed and she barely escapes. She heads off to find Alek, but still keeps her true identity a secret, but Count Volger knows. Alek and Deryn end up paired with those that want to overthrow the government, including a beautiful girl named Lilit. Deryn is jealous of Lilit and Alek, but Lilit is no threat and has a crush on Deryn, whom she knows as Dylan. The group try to overthrow the sultan and save the Leviathan from a huge Tesslar cannon capable of causing the airship to explode. The sequel to Leviathan is just as action-packed and exciting as the first book. More information is revealed about the main characters and Deryn and Alek become closer.

Favorite Character: Lilit is another strong female character introduced in this novel. She is loyal and driven to fight for the freedom of her country at all costs. Deryn continues to be one of my favorites as she is funny, smart, and shows more of a vulnerable side in this book as she falls more in love with Alek.

Favorite Quotes: "The rest of you Dummkopfs, you're all as mad as a box of frogs!" "That girl is quite mad. But she's not a bad kisser."

I continue to really enjoy this series and the second book was as good if not better than the first. No sophomore slump here! I love how he plays with the history of the time and then explains how things really happened in the afterword. This is becoming one of my favorite series! 5 bars of chocolate!

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