Sunday, April 8, 2012

The 39 clues

I also finished reading Dead of the Night by Peter Lerangis today. Rather than review the book and give away spoilers, I am just going to give a few thoughts about the series. When I first saw they were going to make the 39 clues, I thought well this will make a lot of money, but the books will probably not be that good. Scholastic picked some of the best junior fiction authors in the field and the series has really surprised me. The themes of good and evil are twisted in such a way that sometimes the main characters appear in both a bad and a good light. There is no clear cut villians and the twists with the Vespers is really making things complicated. Dan and Amy have matured over the hunt and both have scars. Important characters die and at times their deaths are not glamourous and at times serve no point. I don't mean this as their lives are pointless, but that their deaths seem more real, because of how they happen. Everything is not perfect and that's what makes this series surprising. The writing is actually good and you can see the strengths of the authors in each book. For example when Gordon Korman writes a book, I expect humor, from Rick Riordan, humor and adventure, and from Peter Lerangis and Jude Watson a complex view of good and evil. This series is also great for reader's advisory, because readers can finish one of these books and then go look for more books by that author. Great job, Scholastic and all the authors!

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