Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ripple by Mandy Hubbard

Sirens are mythical creatures that are finally being explored in YA supernatural novels. Tricia Rayburn has the Undercurrent series and sirens are mentioned briefly in other series. Ripple adds an interesting new twist to the story of sirens. Lexi finds out she is a siren on her 16th birthday, when she accidentally kills her crush Stephen, the brother of her best friend, Sienna. Exonerated, Lexi lives with the guilt for two years, cutting herself off from everyone. She swims in an abandoned lake, so that no one will hear her song and be lured into the water. Things change when Cole, Stephen's best friend, tries to thaw out Lexi's ice queen routine. Lexi is even able to patch things with Sienna.  As her romance with Cole deepens, a new boy comes to town, Erik, who tells her he can lift her curse if she will lift his. Lexi feels she must keep her secrets, which could prove deadly.
I read Ripple fairly quickly for my usual speed and loved Hubbard's writing style. Her characters are well-formed and believable, as is the romance in the story. I like how she described Lexi's transformation, with glowing skin and blue iridescent scales, but keep with the idea of a beautiful woman. Instead of beauty being a good thing, Hubbard shows how it can be a curse.
Favorite Quote: "Not even a murder attempt is enough to ruin my hair."
Favorite Characters: Lexi is a strong female and believable. She grieves, she loves, and is loyal. She would die for her friends and she fights her curse as best she can. Cole is a great love interest for Lexi and the relationship they have is completely believable. They both grieve the loss of their friend and they both are very cautious in the beginning of their relationship, because of this loss.
The ending is somewhat bitter sweet, but it is believable. This is one of my favorite reads of the year so far. I loved the characters and their interactions and I liked how Lexi's siren abilities are presented. 5 bars of chocolate!

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