Sunday, March 11, 2012

Magic of the Moonlight by Ellen Schreiber

I really like Ellen Schreiber's writing style and quick pace. In this series, Celeste has fallen in love with Brandon Maddox, a Westsider, while she is an Eastsider. If only their differences were limited to geographic location in their town of Legend's Run. Brandon after a bite from a wolf, is now a werewolf. Because of his lycan condition, Celeste and Brandon keep their relationship a secret from her best friends. Only her former boyfriend, Nash, knows the truth, not just about their secret relationship, but also Brandon's werewolf condition. Nash, who still likes Celeste, wants to protect her from Brandon and holds Brandon's secret over Celeste's head to try to keep the two apart. To complicate matters, Dr. Meadows, the town psychic and paranormal expert, wants to find the werewolf and again makes a dire prediction about Celeste's future that could have consequences for the two boys vying for her attention.
I like the setup of the story and I like that Schreiber included Brandon's father, a scientist, into the story. The only thing that bothered me about the book, was being repeatedly told that Nast was Celeste's first crush and first boyfriend. It seemed like that was on every other page, but really it is only a tiny concern. I do like the Vampire Kisses series better than this one, but I love how Celeste seems to have a group of people who care about her, whereas Raven has a very select few around her. I wish that some of the characters from the first book had more time in this one. Juliette and Celeste's parents are either absent or barely mentioned. Dr. Meadows only has three short scenes and Mr. Worthington only has one. I really like Mr. Worthington from the first book and hoped to hear more about the legend of the werewolf from him.
Favorite Character: I like Brandon, Celeste, and Nash. Celeste seems like a really caring person, willing to take risks for her friends and those she loves. She really thinks about how the consequences of her decisions can affect others. Nash and Brandon are well-developed and both have likeable characteristics. Nash particularly shows a lot of growth in this second book of the series.
Favorite Quote: "Friendship is as important to you as love." Even though that is part of one of the girl's fortunes, I think that is something important to remember, especially during the teen years, that our friends are as important as our significant others.
I give this 4 bars of chocolate. It is a quick read and has some interesting moments.

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