Sunday, March 25, 2012

Goddess Hunt and Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter

I decided to review Goddess Hunt and Goddess Interrupted together, since Goddess Hunt is a short novella. In Goddess Hunt, we are given insight into Kate's six months apart from Henry. She and James are in Athens, Greece in the countryside and James pretends to be lost. However, he is just checking up on Castor and Pollux or Casey and Lux as they go by now. The twins are running from the rest of the council, because they don't want to be separated, which would mean Castor is sent back to the Underworld and Pollux would be punished. Kate wants to do everything in her power to keep the twins together, even if it means challenging the rest of the council. James purposely gets the twins into trouble to show Kate the not so nice side of the council and what being part of the council would really mean. I liked that in the novella the story is told from both Kate and Henry's point of view, since Henry must make the decision about Castor. I think the Goddess Legacy out this summer will also include multiple points of view and Aimee does a great job alternating between povs and giving each character their own personality and speaking style. I enjoyed the novella and think it does add to the series by showing Kate's interactions with James and also a different side of the council. I give it 5 bars of chocolate!

I received an e-arc for this book, which I was glad to have.
Goddess Interrupted picks up at the end of Kate's six months leave with her wondering how her marriage with Henry will be and if she is up for being Queen of the Underworld. James and Kate return to Eden Manor and James transports her into the Underworld. Immediately on entering it and being reunited with Ava and her mother, Kate blacks out and sees Henry, Walter, and Phillip arguing with Calliope about their father. Kate learns this is her gift, to see others in the present even if they are miles away from her. When Kate finally sees Henry right before her coronation, he is distant and aloof, and this, along with all the reminders of Persephone that Kate sees in the Underworld, causes her to hesitate when asked if she accepts her role as queen. A titan attacks during the ceremony and targets Kate, which shows Calliope's aiding the Titans in revenge.  After Henry and his brothers are captured, shortly after this attack and Kate has a vision showing Calliope and Cronus holding Henry and his brothers hostage at the gate to the Underworld. Realizing only Henry, who is unconscious, and one other person are the ones who can open this gate and know its location, Kate, Ava, and James head to find the one person who can help and the one person Kate does not want to meet, Persephone, Henry's first wife. The fate of the world could rest in Persephone's hands and Kate must face the truth of Henry's true feelings in order to stop the Titans.

Goddess Interrupted is just as wonderful as the Goddess Test. More of the backstory of Henry and Persephone is told, including why Henry and James often do not get along. Aimee Carter provides her own twist to the Greek gods giving them personalities that blend with the original myths while creating unique attributes that are fresh and interesting. She uses the jealousies and rivalries that existed and also shows the more human side of the gods. Henry and Kate's romance seems realistic as Kate and Henry both must deal with his past feelings for Persephone if they are to have a future together. Suspenseful, romantic, and full of excitement, Goddess Interrupted is impossible to put down all the way up to the surprise at the end. I lost a few hours sleep, because I could not stop reading.

Favorite Character: Kate often second guesses herself and Henry and her doubts seem so real. She does not just say I am immortal, so I am perfect, but still has her flaws and self-doubt. She is extremely loyal and courageous and willing to sacrifice for her friends, but not willing to take second place to anyone.

Favorite Quote: "I will do to you what you have done to me, and I will take what you love most from you while you are helpless to stop me." I will not tell what this means, but it should make you want to read to find out.

Of course, this is 5 bars of chocolate! It is one of my top reads so far this year and I cannot wait for The Goddess Inheritance! At least we have the Goddess Legacy this summer!

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