Sunday, March 25, 2012

Clarity by Kim Harrington

Clarity and her family have psychic powers; Clare can touch an object and see the past, her brother, Perry can communicate with the dead, and her mother can read thoughts. This makes for a strong business in her tourist town, that is until a tourist turns up dead. When Clare finds out her brother was the last person to see the victim, Clare tries to protect him and find the real killer. Protecting Perry means teaming up with her ex-boyfriend Justin, the mayor's son Stephen, and the new police chief's hot son, Gabriel. Clare has certain feelings for all these boys, but she puts these aside to try to find the killer, by using her psychic ability. As the killer strikes again and her brother becomes the number one suspect, Clare puts herself in greater danger and may become the killer's next victim.
Even though this has supernatural elements, it is more of a mystery suspense. The quick pace and backstories of the characters are exciting and grip the reader from the start. All the characters were well-developed and Harrington did not neglect her secondary characters. The romances felt real and were complicated, in a good and interesting way. I liked the setting and Harrington's insights on what it is like to be a townie in a tourist town. The mystery was great and I did not find it predictable. I would recommend this to people, even if they don't like supernatural books, because of the great suspense.
Favorite Character: Clare was a strong female lead and complex. She tries to take care of their mom, who was abandoned by Clare's father and she is very protective of her brother. She feels the strain of her powers, especially when they alert her to her boyfriend's cheating, but she does not hide the fact that she has a power. She embraces her strengths and weaknesses.
Favorite Quote: "Yeah, I was Clare Fern, tough psychic chick, member of the freak family. But if they stripped all those labels off, people might be shocked to find a normal girl beneath." I think this expresses the character of Clare perfectly.
I really enjoyed this book and plowed quickly through it. It was nice to read a supernatural book that was more about suspense and mystery than just super powers. I give this 4.5 bars of chocolate!

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