Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

I have waited to review this one, because I am conflicted on how I feel about it. Nora Grey is recovering from the death of her father, who was murdered a year before the story begins. Her mother works constantly and is often away on business. Nora really is only close to her best friend, Vee, with whom she spends most of her time. Enter Patch, who suddenly appears at Nora's school and becomes her biology partner. He is tall, dark, and a bit dangerous, so Nora is attracted to him, but wary. She and Vee begin to investigate Patch and find out there is no information in his school files. Enter two other mysterious boys, Elliot and Jules, who seem to take an interest in the girls. Shortly after this Vee is attacked and Nora feels she is being followed. Could Patch be a threat or maybe Elliot?
Fitzpatrick does a great job developing the ambiance of the story, setting it in Maine and making you feel the mystery in how she describes places and people. Her writing style also sets a fast pace and you really want to find out what is going to happen. However I just could not get into the characters. I liked Vee in the beginning, she was funny and even helped bring Nora out of her shell, but by the end she is selfish and puts both girls in a dangerous situation over a guy. Patch has the whole bad guy who might be good image, but he is physically abusive to Nora, holding her down and pushing her against the wall. Nora seems a bit inconsistent in this book. She is afraid of Patch, but drawn to him. She seems to condemn him one minute and love him the next. I do attribute that some to the fact that she is still grieving, so I am willing to give her a chance in the next book.
Really I do not have a favorite character in this book. I liked Vee at points in the story and Nora too, but part of the time I could not stand choices they made.
Favorite Quote: "You can see who I was, or you can see who I am now. I'm not good," he said, piercing me with eyes that absorbed all light but reflected none, but I was worse." This is a Patch quote, so at least he is honest about himself.
I do want to read the second book. I like the writing style and the plot. I also want to find out more about Nora's family history and Fitzpatrick's world.
I give this 3.5 bars of chocolate.

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