Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Burger Wuss by M.T. Anderson

Burger Wuss is about Anthony's revenge on Turner. Turner made out with Diana, Anthony's girlfriend, and Anthony plots revenge by taking a job at O'Dermott's where Turner works. Anthony plans on taking away something from Turner and instead learns that his form of revenge makes him less of a person than even Turner. Anderson definitely has the sarcastic teenager attitude down and he has some witty lines in the book. The book is also a satire on fast food places and how they try to show All-American values. This is not my favorite of Anderson's works, but it is a quick read and makes a great point about the problem of revenge. He also does a great job creating unique characters, like Diane, who has plastic polymer teeth.
Favorite Character: I liked Shunt, the anarchist who wants to take down the big corporations. He was hilarious and a bit scary.
Favorite Quote: "This is not my victory. There is no victory for losers." "The stars look small and clean," he said, and they were reflected in his tears. "But really they're just big galactic farts."
Rating: I give this four bars of chocolate.

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