Monday, February 6, 2012

Another Pan

Another Pan by Daniel & Dina Nayeri
After reading Another Faust, the first in this series, I expected a vicious villian and semi-likeable main characters and that is exactly what I got. The main characters in both books are purposely flawed, but some are redeemable in the end. The Another series always twists a famous story, in this case, Peter Pan. The Darlings, students at Marlowe High, are somewhat embarrassed about their professor father, who enjoys Egyptology and seems to be obsessed with an ancient myth. Their father is granted an exhibit from the British Museum, which brings the Book of Gates to Marlowe. The Darlings, while cataloging the exhibit and reading the book, soon find out the myth is really and holds the secret to immortality. Peter is obsessed with finding the five bonedusts of the ancient legends, the five legends Professor Darling has studied and the book is the key to the underworld where the mummies lie. Throw in Simon Grin and his crocodile smile, Tina, the hot Hispanic girl who follows Peter everywhere, and the Dark Lady with the hook, and you have all the main characters of the story of Peter Pan twisted together with Ancient Egypt. As the Darlings and Peter search the Underworld, Marlowe begins to transform into the ancient land and it is up to the Darlings and Peter to stop the change and recover the bones. The setting and the plot are wonderful, but the characters are not so likeable. Wendy and John are somewhat redeemed at the end, but it is difficult to like them. However the Ancient Egyptian legends are facinating and really are the most interesting parts of the book.
Favorite Characters: In this case I enjoyed two of the secondary characters the most, Professor Darling and Tina. Professor Darling realizes his mistakes with his family and his past with Peter and his attempts to interest the students in his lectures seem genuine. Tina is loyal to Peter no matter what and despite his selfishness, he seems to be the only one who truly sees Tina.
The villan in this series is bone-chillingly perfect. She is mainly in the background in this particular book, but she has just the right amount of darkness to be present without actually being mentioned most of the time.
Favorite Quote: "I suppose I'm still the never-never man."
I divided on the rating for this one. I had a hard time liking the characters, however I think that is the point. I loved the Egyptian parts of the story and the twist on the Peter Pan story are pretty unique. In the end I am giving this 4 bars of chocolate, mainly because of the legends.

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