Saturday, February 5, 2011

"They" ?!

Every once in a while during discussions with people about books, a mysterious group of people pops up into the conversation. The only thing I know for sure about these people is that they are called, "they." They try to slip magic into books or Christianity or any number of things. I will have someone ask a question about a book and if I am unsure if there is anything "objectionable" in it, "the person I am talking to will say, "well, they like to sneak in (fill in the blank) without you even knowing." Usually fill in the blank is MAGIC. I understand people have many different beliefs and I respect that, but seriously who is this "evil" "they." I have more than one person use the term "they" for this. I don't understand why the people believe there is some type of conspiracy to insert magical or Christian or any number of elements into books. Books are powerful, I get this, but I think you can pick someone to blame if you must, like the author or publisher or even the librarian, not a mysterious they. Of course the favorites to pick on are the Harry Potter series and Chronicles of Narnia series for either being too Christian or too magical. If you must, fear the knowledge and insight books can bring you, not the hidden messages that might be inserted by "they." End of rant.

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